Located in NW Ohio, Ravenwood started back in the late 80's with one Nubian and one Alpine, wethers both.  Over time, it branched and grew into the herd of today, encompassing eight breeds... Nubian, Saanen, Sable, Alpine, Toggenburg, Oberhasli, LaMancha, and Boer.
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We are currently undergoing a HERD REDUCTION SALE... thus the purpose of this temporary site. 
All animals, including Boers, are raised under strict CAE Prevention Guidelines, removed from their dams, immediately, at birth, and fed only heat treated Colostrum and pasteurized milk.  Our herd is healthy and we make every effort to keep it that way.  However, The Ravenwood herd is not closed...  We attend several shows per year, as our busy schedules permit...  Thus, CAE negative test results are not guaranteed.  Ravenwood is a CL free herd.
Mature animals are vaccinated with CD/T and BO-SE annually.  Kids receive a BO-SE shot at birth, CD/T at (10) ten days and again at (31) thirty-one.  Worming is done as needed.
Animals are sold on a first come, first serve basis.  If you are interested in, or have questions about, a particular animal...  Contact us, via phone or e-mail...
Phone# 419-299-3565
Please Note: We created this website in order to list animals, For Sale.  A separate, more complete website, containing information and photo's, on the entire herd, is under construction.  A link, to the site, will be placed HERE... When... It is finished.

Also... Due to a major computer malfunction, several months back... I lost over two-hundred (200+) photographs, including all of last years shaved goat pictures.  Therefore, many goats will be shown, photographed, in their "winter woollies."  Until... Summer comes, again.
Shipping Animals...
While we prefer to have animals picked-up, here, at the farm...  Shipping is available.
Mature animals can be shipped via Edgar Ranch Transport to anywhere in the continental US.  For prices or additional information click the Edgar Ranch Transport link above.
Kids, shipped out of the Toledo Airport, are subject to an additional $25 transport fee, to cover the cost of gas.  It is the buyer's responsibility to provide a shipping crate for their animal(s), either via shipping us their own, or providing payment for a new one, purchased here.  Provided crates must be air shipment acceptable.
ALL Shipping and Health Certificate COSTS are the Responsibility of the Buyer...
Animals picked-up at the farm, must be paid for prior to release.  ALL third party transport animals, their health papers, shipping fees, and any other additional costs, must be paid for, in full, prior to shipment.
Payments can be made, via cash, money order, or cashiers check, only.  In the case of farm pick-up, cash works best.  If you are mailing a deposit or payment... PLEASE DO NOT MAIL CASH.
SPECIAL NOTE: All Photo's are the property of Ravenwood Goats and may not be used or reproduced, in any way, without written permission.
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